Tuesday Tip :: Own It!


Last night I attended an amazing talk by Jared Bauman all about business. Ten great tips for myself. They can help you too! I’m so excited with this list of ten that I want to share them with you, but of course, I can’t do that. Jared is too amazing! You need to check him out to get the whole shebang.

But I will give you a tip that totally blew me away.

Think Like An Owner

Most of us have worked some sort of job where we are not in charge. Where someone is in charge of the decisions of the company and makes you do things that you may not have liked or wanted to do. The boss wasn’t doing this to be mean or to be a jerk. They were doing it because it was good for the company.

Being the only person in your company is both a wonderful experience and opportunity…and a horrible drag. Especially if you want to make money. Which, honestly, who doesn’t? That’s the whole point after all.

This is the part where you mumble and groan about how you are an artist and you do this for the creative expression.


Okay, you are an artist and you are creative. But you created a company. You are a business. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be enjoying what you do (I truly hope you do!!) but it also means you have to make decisions that you won’t fully enjoy in order to make the money you need to be a business.

Once you get into the mindset that you are going to have to do things you don’t want to do to succeed, things may become easier for you. They were for me. It really helped me get my head around decisions that have to be made.

So I urge you to go forth and remind yourself that you are the boss! Make the decisions that are good for the company first.

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