Tuesday Tip :: Lazy Day


Every so often, you need to take a lazy day. A moment to step away from work, no matter how much work you may have to do. Resting and doing something just for the heck of it can cause you to completely recharge yourself. More than that, it will allow you to


That’s what I did today. Took a day off from working and enjoyed my daughter and my husband. I watched some Bones but more importantly, cleaned the living room. It’s clean, all the toys are put away, the floor vacuumed. I feel at peace. Ready for the fight. The next battle for a new day.

Tomorrow will be a day full of work and lots will be completed. But for tonight, my time is mine completely.

I suggest you do the same sometime soon. Even if you have to schedule it and plan it in advance.

Put it on the calendar now!

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