Changing My Mind…..


So… know on the last post I mentioned that I was using MailChimp for the email campaign? Well, I’ve changed my mind….

In trying to set up a drip campaign, I realized that not only did I need to purchase an add on to get it…but I also had to pay money to Amazon in order to manage the emails. I felt eeky about it….so I moved to Mad Mimi. It’s what the always lovely Fundy recommended in his Business Primer….and after doing more research, I realized that Mad Mimi would be a better fit.

With MailChimp, I would have to utilize an API linked to WordPress with super special integrations and configurations needed. It also was called “Autoresponders” and wasn’t really meant to be used as a Drip campaign. So I’ve switched to Mad Mimi. And already am doing so much better. I’ve written all the verbiage for all my emails so it’s become a matter of just getting the actual system to work how I want it to go.

I’m already 10 steps further along than I was with MailChimp. Things are going much better now….

Just thought you aught to know!

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