Tuesday Tip :: Stylin’


There is just something about a perfectly styled photo shoot that is just amazing. Getting an idea for an image and then being able to create it, with everything from the makeup to the clothing to the poses to the props, is something that is just wonderful.

Wait a second….

You DO have control!

True, there will always be limitations. The idea in your mind may not always be the idea your client has. The vision that the people who have hired you for may be a complete 180 from what you would desire.

But you do have control. Most importantly….you can help your clients! How often do you hear from your clients before the shoot, with them asking you “What do we wear?!” Don’t think of this as an annoying question to answer or a thing that takes time away from what you have to do as part of your business. Think of it as a chance to influence your finished product.

Try pitching a theme to your client. Or a color scheme. Or more importantly, find out more about your clients! Discover what makes their family unique and incorporate that into the shoot. Use your artistic vision to help make every image you take perfect for your portfolio and for your client’s walls. This will only help your reputation which will, in effect, help your bottom line! So get your hands dirty! Offer an add on for your sessions that includes a shopping appointment! Develop a partnership with a makeup and hair artist that can be offered as another add on to the session. Not only will this add to your entire style, talk about helping your client feel glamorous! Just thinking about sitting with a plush robe while someone else styles your hair and puts on your makeup screams movie star. Your style will permeate throughout everything you touch and you will be surprised at how happy you can become with your portfolio.

Have you done a styled photo shoot? Do you offer style advice to your clients?

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