Tuesday Tip :: Confidence


Yesterday I had an absolutely amazing meeting with a local photographer and friend Sara of Studio Sub Dio. It was so wonderful to see how far she’s come in just the few months that I’ve seen her.

We talked a lot about several different thoughts, concerns and ideas. She knew what needed to be done. She had the knowledge. The issue was she didn’t have the confidence to do them. She is an amazing photographer and knows this. The problem is knowing it enough to really believe it.

The most fulfilling part of my day today was helping rebuild her confidence. I hope that when she makes the calls that she has to make tomorrow she will keep that confidence. Keep the knowledge that she is awesome and she is worth the price they pay. Accept the contacts that she got and OWN IT!

So, if you are reading this? I want you to imagine the key to success: confidence.

Source: kissthegroom.com


Confidence is the Key to Success.
Go out there and do the job that you have been putting off because you are scared to do it. You are amazing.
If you need a pep talk, let me know. I can become your biggest cheerleader!

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