Tuesday Tip :: Know Your Market


It is so important that you know where you are. Know who you are serving. You need to be able to view both your ideal clients as well as the ones you currently have access to.

You cannot always make the $10,000 sales. Not everyone needs or wants 3 16×20 canvases for their living room. Their budget will not always allow the gorgeous 32 page hand sewn cover album you lovingly created.

And that’s okay! It is still possible to make a living and even thrive, you just have to get more creative!

Your greatest goal should be knowing your client’s budgets and working with them to get the products that will benefit them the most. If you have priced your products the way you should (i.e. making sure to build your profit into the prices) as well as making sure that you charge the amount for the sitting fee to cover your time and talent, you will be okay. You can thrive.

Even the smallest town has wealthy residents. Find out what they like and how to get connected with them. Maybe through a charity or a local business. Utilize the contacts you have to make the contacts you want.

Every situation is different. Knowing what your situation is and how best to accept that is the first step to being successful.

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