Tuesday Tip :: Backup Your Life


When was the last time you backed up your files? Do you have multiple locations that it is saved in? What would happen if there was a fire or a flood or even just a hard drive crash? How long would you be down?

If this is your main source of income, you can’t afford to be down for even a few hours. You need to have a backup plan. And I don’t mean for if photography doesn’t work out. If you think too much about that, you will fail. There is a difference between knowing that there are other options and actively planning for them. It’s safe to have a backup for everything, but you also need to believe.

Believe in yourself and that everything will be okay and you’ll be good. Plan for the worst and hope for the best.

This should include every part of your life. Insurance for your equipment. Backups in multiple forms and several locations. Life insurance, rental/home insurance, health insurance. A savings account with money consistently being put into it.

It’s called planning and being prepared. This should be one of those steps to take when setting up your company. Making the backups are just one of the things that are vital for any foundation to be successful.

What are the other steps? Pay attention….they’ll be coming! I’m back and stronger than ever. The question is though….are you there too?

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