Critique for Samantha Mitchell Photography


Something about babies outside makes me smile. And when it includes super bright colors? Totally makes my day!

I love the bright purple flower especially. The texture on it is just so lovely. The framing of the image is a bit off though. If it had been moved to the right a bit, having the flower closer to the left side of the frame, the main focus of the image would be the baby and not the beautiful flower. She kind of gets lost as background because of the way the image is. Having the handle handle cut off at the top is distracting as well.

Taking time to look at the image in the frame before you click can do wonders with your post-processing time. Having one image that is perfectly framed in camera means you don’t have to crop or readjust the frame in Photoshop or Lightroom.

I’d love to see some more texture in the hat as well. It’s sort of blown out at the top of the head which may also be contributing to disappearing baby syndrome, but more importantly, it would be another great layer of texture that can be added to a great setup.

Those catchlights in the eyes are lovely and the cheeks!  I want to nom on the baby’s cheeks all day…do you think the momma would mind?

Thank you, Samantha, for sharing with us! You can visit her on her Facebook here. And don’t forget to leave some love!

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