I am a huge fan of customization. From a business to the I absolutely adore being able to make things MINE.

When it comes to my camera, I knew I couldn’t leave it alone! I wasn’t thinking of any of the stickers or anything on the camera itself, but knew I definitely wanted to make the strap pretty! I was seeing these camera strap covers all over the place and wanted to check them out, so I had my mom whip one together. It was okay…but I didn’t like the fact that it kept moving around. It would slide here and there and just be uncomfortable.

I then decided I needed to find an actual camera strap. I checked some out when I was at WPPI but didn’t find any I just fell in love with. So when I got back, I started searching Etsy. Let me just say that Etsy is almost as much of a guilty pleasure as Pinterest is. I could wander for hours and be so counter-productive that it’s not even funny. But this time, I was on a hunt. I had a purpose and a goal, and that made it easier.

Especially when I found TurtleTaylor. Her straps stood out to me at once, especially with the pretty flowers on them. I looked through her entire shop, blown away with the prettiness, but was sad that she didn’t have one that was exactly what I wanted. I knew I wanted a black one with purple flowers…but she didn’t have one listed. So, I sent her a message. She wrote back so quickly, immediately asking questions. She didn’t seem to be grumbling on her end, but actively wanting to make me a custom item!  This was wonderful and I got even more excited.

When I got it in the mail, I was even more happy. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect!

A few months later, a new prospect has come into my life for my photography business and I knew what I wanted to get as a present. So, I messaged her again, asking for another special order.

In no time, she replied back, excited. She didn’t have the fabric in colors I was wanting, but sent links to some that she wondered if it would work. It was perfect. Her taste was impeccable.

I couldn’t WAIT to get them in the mail. When they did show up (along with my PPA and Vogue magazines and NO bills) it was a wonderful afternoon! They were absolutely perfect.

So, if you are in the mood for some beautiful camera straps instead of just a cover, check her out!

What about you? Do you love customizing your items? Do you have a special camera strap or a camera strap cover? Share it with us in the comments!

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