Critique for Dorie Howell Photography


When this image popped into my inbox, I just had to smile. The beautiful colors and adorable little girl are just so lovely.

I was distracted then by the lower part of the image. There are two parts that take away from the precious child.  The shadow of the little bridge on the water with the lily pads is very dark. If I was to do a Threshold Layer on this image to see the lightest and darkest parts of it, the lily pads would be at the darkest for sure. The dark spots combined with the bokeh of the plants in the foreground pull away from what should be the main subject.

I think if either of the distracting pieces were removed, it would improve an already beautiful image.

Dorie, your work is so beautiful. The colors and emotion in this and your other images are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing!

For more of her work, visit and leave some love for here! Also, feel free to let me know what your thoughts on my critique are!

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