One of the bonuses from my years as an art major that I’ve managed to pull into my current life is the ability to accept and share critique. In every class I took, we’d have to create our masterpieces and then stand up and listen to people tear them down. Well, sometimes they were actually constructive, which was wonderful to receive.  You see, I really love information. I love education and being able to learn from everything I do.

It’s great to have other eyes on a project as well. We can get so involved with our own work that we can miss something obvious.

Anyone want an example?

Great! Cuz here we go!

I took pictures of this beautiful couple in January. We trooped around the local college campus in the beautiful wooded area (something I love about living in Oregon is the sheer massive amount of trees that are EVERYWHERE) in front of the main building. It had just rained the day before but this day was beautifully overcast. Great diffused light and everything was so green it was just gorgeous.

The couple went casual, the bride-to-be wearing cute flats. Soggy grass + ballet flats = dirty feet so her fiance grabbed her on his back and carried her across the grass to the sidewalk we were heading towards. Thankfully I had my camera out and got this shot (it has become one of my all time favorites). The fun facial expressions, reality and laughter make me happy.


It’s a fun photo and ultimately, nothing is horrible about it. But I went looking for critiques. I’m still (and always will be) learning my art. I don’t ever want to be stagnant! I communicated with some photographers and got some wonderful comments.

Here is the changes I made after those critiques:
Piggy Back
I never even THOUGHT about cloning out the big umbrella because it was a part of the moment but doesn’t it look so much better? I played with the curves a bit too, to make it look a bit bolder and I love it. Having other perspectives can make all the difference!

With that in mind, I want to help.  🙂  I’m offering FREE critiques to the first 10 people that send me an image (either attached or linked to Flickr or however you want to share) to smile {at}! Let me help you view your art through another pair of eyes.

Want more than one image kindly critiqued? I’m also offering a sale on my critiquing services in honor of today and just because I can (I love being my own boss!).  Send me an email with Critical Sale in the subject line to receive up to 10 images critiqued for just $20! (normally $5 an image)

I look forward to seeing your images…and if I get permission, I’ll share some here!

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