Tuesday Tip :: Choose to Decide


Life is rough. Even without owning and running a small business, things happen. Decisions have to be made and it can be scary.

What I want to remind you about today is that you will fail 100% of the time if you don’t do anything.

Source: google.com via Kathy on Pinterest


Figure out how you are best able to make choices and feel comfortable with those choices.

Do you need to write it down? Make a Pro/Con list? Talk to someone? Google the heck out of the options?

For me, if I don’t research every option, I’ll always wonder “what if”.  So I utilize my friend Google and read reviews, blog posts, articles…anything I can get my eyes on.

After I’ve gotten overloaded with information, I write it out. If the words get formed, it becomes more real. I can then physically move things around, cross things out, use all that data I gathered earlier.

Then the decision can be made. After I choose, I usually feel at peace. If I don’t have that release of pressure in my chest, I try to figure out why. Sometimes, I start all over again.

This is how I do things. It’s scary, especially when making huge decisions in your life. But you will need to make them. So decide what the best way for you to make them and life will be all unicorns and rainbows.

Okay, maybe not on the unicorns and rainbows….but actually having made the decision will make you breathe a lot easier!


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