Have a bit of Humor


Ahhh, the photographic world. Where every mom has a camera and every visitor at a wedding thinks they are the photographer. It’s okay, it’s how the world works now that camera bodies are becoming less expensive and more powerful. There are things to do to make your business stronger than the “mom-ographers” out there that “charge” $20 for a photo shoot, take 1500 photos and then give out the disk with all the unedited images on it.

Packaging, business sense, how to present yourself, everything can push you away from the pack. For every year you are in business, it’s one more year more than the new photographers have. Remember too, there is no need to be mean to the newbies out there….you were new once too.

It’s also important to make sure you can laugh at yourself. Giggle at mistakes you make and learn to move past them.

And if you need help learning what to laugh at, visit Giggles and Cutie Pumpkins Photography blog. But only if you enjoy sarcasm.

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