Shoot With Others!


An awesome thing about the Portland community, is how many people are friends! I *LOVE* how many people know and adore each other. I hope you can find other photographers in your area and become friends! It’s always so wonderful to be able to instantly have something in common. The first things you’ll talk about are always “What do you shoot?”, “Where do you shoot” and usually “Why do you shoot” but from there, who knows where the conversation will end up!

Now that you have those buddies? Make time and HAVE FUN! Go on a photo walk (where you take a walk around, shooting things you see and spending time with others) or schedule an event!

Some of my favorite locals did one not too long ago. Doesn’t it look like a blast? It’s also an amazing example of how photographers can shoot the exact same subject and come out with totally different images.

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1 Comment on Shoot With Others!

  1. shannon sewell
    April 25, 2011 at 10:38 am (7 years ago)

    yes! collaboration… the BEST 🙂


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