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Your website About Page is like that first initial greeting with someone new. You size them up as you step forward, holding out your hand to shake, smiling, making eye contact and saying “pleased to meet you” or something along those lines.

Or at least, this is what it should be like. I’ve seen some that seem more like trying to meet someone that is in another room, holding up a sign that says MY NAME IS SO*AND*SO AND YOU SHOULD HIRE ME. Some sites don’t even have an about page…which is like the wallflower at a party that stands by the snacks, nibbling and always keeping their hands and mouth full so they don’t have to talk.

Believe me, I understand the shyness. I get insecure and try to hide, especially if I don’t really know anyone. But if I’m presenting myself as a professional, I know that I have to overcome it.

Your About Page should do the same. It should give a glimpse into the person you are and who you want to be. What drives you. Why you do what you do. It should allow the visitors to get to know the person behind the site in order to feel a connection. People LOVE doing business with actual people. So let the blinds down just a bit. Allow your viewers to peak into who you are and what you have to share with them.

If you need more help, I noticed that Brand Camp is doing an email Bio 101 e-course. And it’s FREE! Click here to sign up! It could be the personalized boost you need for yourself!

Side Note: Go4Pro did an about me page contest a while ago, and there is some wonderful inspiration to be found on the winner page, especially the grand prize of Carrie Rainey Photography. This should help your brain cogs whirl!

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