Tuesday Tip :: Travel With Your Subject


The incomparable Jasmine Star’s most recent blog post was the most recent comment about doing this but I’ve read and heard it many times in the past.

Whenever you can, if traveling from one location to another, be with your subject.

This isn’t just for weddings from the ceremony to the reception.  Anyone that you are shooting and you go from one place to a different locale, by traveling together you can find places you may never have found otherwise.

A lot of times, urban photo shoots will just walk from one place to another and is perfect for this tip. Imagine this.  You’ve met your client at the local park.  You’ve done the pictures you had planned and decide to walk over to the local school to take pictures on their great front steps. It’s one of those walks that is just long enough to contemplate driving, but so short that you decide it would be lazy if you didn’t walk it, so you begin hoofing it to the school.

Along the way, you spot an alley way. It has an amazing side entrance to one of your local shops. Instead of driving past it, since you are walking, you step in with your client and grab a couple shots. 5 minutes, tops, and you are out of there, continuing on to your next location.

You may find that those 5 minutes taken out of your day can become the most amazing images. Or even discover an idea that you never would have dreamed of if you hadn’t been inspired by your location and happened to have a model with you.

Doorway Pose
The gorgeous Carrie Rainey of Carrie Rainey Photography, taken at the Go{4}Pro Workshop last year while walking from lunch

Take the time. Travel with your subject and explore the scenery. Enjoy the client and the time you are spending with them, doing a job you (hopefully) enjoy. You never know what you may discover about them or yourself!

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1 Comment on Tuesday Tip :: Travel With Your Subject

  1. Mary
    April 5, 2011 at 6:36 am (7 years ago)

    So true, can’t tell you how many of my images are happy findings along the way…


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