Love What You Do


We all got into this business because we enjoyed photography. At least, I hope so.  Whether you planned on doing something with a camera from when you were little or just picked one up later on in life, something drew you to the shutter click and the images you can create.

Whether you picked up the camera with a goal to make it into a business or it morphed there through something else, one of the most difficult parts of being in a business where you are required to create is keeping the passion.

It’s so important to keep that drive and love of the art going for your sanity!

When we lose that passion, we can lose the drive and creative energy that makes the art we create original. Once that is gone or starts to disappear, you will find that fewer people will want to engage with you. Like animals, people can sense when someone is not honest. When they are not 100% believing in what they do and create.

Now, I’m not saying that you should stop being in business if you’ve lost that.  Not at all. Instead, I’m saying that you should find a way to discover that joy again.

Maybe you need to schedule a session for you.  Everyone has an idea in their head that they wish they could create but haven’t had the client for it. Contact a past client that you loved working with and ask if they’ll do this session for you!  They’ll get a free session with you and you’ll get to create the images you’ve been wanting to. Plus, they may just end up loving the pictures and you can gain exposure and funds if they order products!

Or maybe you can find a place to donate your services. I’m not just talking about donating your photography to a non-profit (like NILMDTS) or to an auction, but what about checking out your local high school photography class or sharing with a local mom’s group a lesson on how to take better images of their kids.

You can even just meet up with some of your peers! Go on a photo walk. Schedule a “Portrait Swap”, where you can update your About Page with a more current photograph. It’s amazing how much more excited I get about photography when I get to talk about it to someone that understands.

The business side of it is so important, that is, after all, how you pay your bills. But without the passion side of things, you won’t be happy.  And if you work for yourself and aren’t happy, there really is only one person to blame – The Boss.

So go, find the passion and the drive again. Remember why you started this in the first place!

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