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I know I’m just starting out the blogging thing on here, but something you will very soon discover is my love for Google and their products. Their business model, goals and things they produce are just amazing and I don’t know where I would be without them. Plus, they are free which is the best price!

Google Docs has been around for a long time.  I’ve been using them to keep track of my finances (both personal and business), time tracking for clients, Christmas lists (to send out to family members) and so much more!  They’ve just come out with Forms and the possibilities have grown exponentially!

The biggest thing I’ve started using them is for questionnaires.  Not only is it an easy way to create a streamlined and beautiful questionnaire, but it also has a wonderful tracking and summary viewing area.  The best part is that it is web based, so if you have internet you can access it!

They are so simple to create too!

First, you have to go to the Google Docs area.  Create New, and then choose Form.

Yay!  You have a new Form!  It starts with a blank title and includes two questions already created.  To edit, you just click the pencil in the square on the right and viola!  It becomes editable!

There are several different types of answers that people can give.  Text, Paragraph Text, Multiple Choice, Checkboxes, Choose From a List, Scale and Grid.  So many different ways to customize the question!

When you’ve finished your questions, you save it and then you can either email the form directly or embed it in your website directly!

Embedding it in your website is so easy!  Copy and paste the HTML and you got it!

Then, when your results start rolling in, you’ll be able to see them all in one place.  You can even see it in a summary view, if you just want an overall answer.

Now!  Go forth!  Make surveys!  Questionnaires! The world is your oyster!

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